How It Works...


1.  Choose a Piece or Project

  • Pottery 
  • Glass Fusing 
  • Mosaic 

2.  Plan Your Design

Use our extensive collection of... 

  • Stencils 
  • Stamps 
  • Books 
  • Demos  

3.  Choose Your Colors

  • Over 100 Pottery Glazes Including Speckled and Specialty Glazes! 
  • Glass Fusing Selection Will Keep Your Imagination Spinning! 
  • Our Mosaic Tile Selection Covers the Rainbow! 




4.  Paint and Decorate

  • Try Different Techniques on Your Pottery Piece like blowing glaze bubbles
  • Design a Multi-Layered Glass Fusing Masterpiece 
  • Mosaic With Precision  and Creative Flair!
  • Assistance is Cheerfully Provided Whenever You Need Help or Want to Learn One of Our Techniques

5.  Leave Your Piece With Us to be Fired or Grouted

  • Both pottery and glass fusing pieces will need to be fired professionally. 
  • Your piece will be ready to pick up in seven to nine days.  
  • A mosaic piece can be taken home the same day if you grout it yourself. 
  • We will grout it for you at the studio for a small additional charge. 


Pottery:  cost of piece + studio fee (1/2 of cost for piece)  i.e. $10 plate = $15 + tax 

Glass Fusing:  cost of base piece  i.e. $20 coaster = $20 + tax 

Grout: $5 to grout pieces

Mosaic:  cost of base piece  i.e. $15 picture frame = $15 + tax

  • Grouting kit to grout mosaic pieces at home = included in base piece price
  • Let us grout mosaic pieces at the studio for an additional charge 


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